Friday Farm Favorites: Green Hill Farm Through the Years

From the restoration of our 1790s home, 1775 cottage where my dad was born, and 200 hundred-year-old barn to the many hours of landscaping and gardening as well as nurturing and caring for our beloved sheep, chickens, dogs, and cats….and deciding to share all of this through my blog, Fourth Generation Farmgirl—it’s been a journey.  Thank you so much for joining me.


“Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions.”

~The Dalai Lama

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


  1. You must feel so proud to live there in your ancestors home. You’ve restored it into a perfect home for you & all your very lucky animals 😊 love it. I also love the Dalai Lama quote, amazing how just a few intelligent words can mean so much 💕

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  2. Love your farm. I grew up on a farm but couldn’t wait to get away. I didn’t want to work that hard the rest of my life. I became a nurse and worked from before day till after dark every day. I guess the joke was on me. My brother still lives there. I love to visit, but am always glad to get back home. Our two acres is plenty!

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  3. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos of your farm. I grew up on a farm that’s been in our family for over 120 years. I don’t live there now but am working on restoring the grounds. Also planted a garden there last year. I loved your raised beds. Everything in them looked so healthy. It’s a lot of hard work but so satisfying. Keep it up!


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