Welcome!  My name is Tonya, and I grew up on a 300-acre farm in rural Virginia that has been in my family for over 100 years.  After graduating from college, receiving my master’s degree in speech and language pathology, and living and working in a small city for six years, I decided to return to the place of my childhood.  Here, in this rural area, on this patch of green, where for four generations my family has farmed, gardened, and lived, I, too wanted to be a part of this continuity.  As a fourth generation farmgirl, I have many interests that not only include, but also go beyond the basics of farming, gardening, sheep and chicken-keeping.  It is all of this and more that I plan on sharing in this blog.

My great-grandparents purchased Green Hill Farm in 1912, and over the past 100 years, the farm has been operated as a dairy, small grain, fruit orchard, and hobby farm.  In 2003, my husband, Scott and I were gifted my family’s homeplace and 20 acres.  We completed restoration of the home in 2004.   Over the past ten years, we have also restored a 250-year-old cottage that is located on the property as well as a number of barns and sheds.  The cottage serves as guest quarters as well as an occasional bed and breakfast.  We live next door to my parents who also live on the farm.

After participating in a class called Shepherd’s Weekend in 2007, we acquired three rare breed Scottish Blackface sheep.  In 2008, we added seven more Blackface sheep to our little flock.  Although these sheep are rare in the United States, they are very common in northern England and Scotland.  Blackface sheep are exceptionally wooly and are sheared twice yearly.  Their wool is coarse as they don’t produce much lanolin and are mainly considered a meat sheep; however, their wool is used in making Harris Tweed clothing and rugs in the United Kingdom. We have used their wool in comforters, pillows, and roving.

In 2010, we added heirloom chickens to our farm menagerie of sheep, cats, and dogs, starting with 15 chicks from a friend.  The next year, we ordered more hens bringing our flock size to 25.  Soon we began selling our fresh, multi-colored, heirloom eggs to a restaurant and bed and breakfast in our area.

We also enjoy flower and vegetable gardening.  We have a small kitchen garden where we grow heirloom vegetables which we share with our chickens.  Taking a natural, organic approach to gardening as well as managing our livestock and pets is a priority to us.  We use non-GMO seeds in our vegetable garden and natural products in managing the welfare of our animals.

Scott and I support local farmers and restaurants who source local, organic, non-GMO food.  We also recently completed the level 1 sommelier certification through the International Wine Guild in March 2014.  The completion of this course has greatly increased our understanding and appreciation of wines.  Not only do we apreciate good food and wine, but we enjoy traveling and discovering new places as well.

I hope you enjoy the eclectic offerings of this fourth generation farmgirl!

On this blog,  I plan to share the following:

– -Reflections on farm life

— Chicken and Sheep-Keeping posts

— Gardening Tips

— Recipes

— Wine education & food pairing tips

— Travel destinations

— and much more.



  1. I am extremely pleased to have found you through the wonders of this blogging thing via Robin who you nominated and has nominated me on for a Miranda Sings Award. I’m happy. I’m english by birth and of Scottish heritage in part and Harris Tweed is the Rolls Royce of tweeds so your blackfaces are very much in demand for their coats in high circles (doubtless her Maj wears Harris). I’m going to follow you and see more unfold – I am certain to not be disappointed. Yours is exactly what I am looking for in this blogasphere 🙂

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  2. Your blog is a virtual farmland of its own.Within my first minute of visit, the images, the title, the words, as I skimmed through, brought me to your world of greenery, hills, tractors, farm animals and the feeling of peace that goes along with it! I was enthralled hearing of the legacy which you are now carrying forward and was pleased to know you returned back to the farms after having been away from it in between! I already have checked out all the various headings you are writing under and I know I will be an avid reader of your posts!I love the way you write! Peace, Love & Happiness! 🙂 (& Wine)

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  3. What a great blog. I think it is simply amazing that you are a 4th generation farmer. There are fewer and fewer these days, especially here in France. Love that you are becoming a sommelier as well.


  4. Congratulations on being highlighted in WordPress Discover! While I have little experience with farming, gardening, and wine education (and more), this is one of the things I love so much about reading (and writing) blogs. It gives us a chance to expand our world in a real and interactive format.

    Looking forward to following!

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  5. Hello tonya. My husband is a 4th generation farmer as well based in Florida. He also does farming on the Virginia shore. You have a very interesting blog bc I’m moving to the farm in a few months and looking from ur perspective is helpful. I’m new to blogging and would enjoy if you visited my blog as well!

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  6. I absolutely love your blog! my husband and I hope to have farm one day (when we have children) 🙂 seeing this blog makes me very happy!


  7. Your blog is amazing with full of my interesting project of farming! I don’t have much to say just to thank you for sharing your experience with others.

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  8. Dear Tonya

    Firstly, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you in person for connection with me via EsmeSalon.

    This is a personal invitation to come and join us next week and every coming Monday through to Friday and share a post link here with us at Senior Salon. Thanks for your visit/s to my blog and looking forward to reading your posts

    Also, if you wish to participate in an Interview or Guest Post, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I will be happy to showcase you and your blog.

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  9. Hi
    I stopped & I read your blog. So beautiful write up your family, your biography and so good share you, your family doing wrok. Iam so happy. I like

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