The Weekly Bleat: On the Farm

Our hen, Barbara

Green Hill Farm

May 2018

I just love this photo of Barbara.  The expression on her face really expresses her sweet and curious personality.


“Gratitude bestows reverence, changing forever how we experience life and the world.”

~John Milton (1608-1674)


Have a wonderful day!


    • Thank you, Joey. I used to have a sign that read “perseverance” hanging in our vestibule—mainly because saving this place was such a challenge. While I still think perseverance is important, lately I’ve become a bit tired of persevering. There’s something there that implies struggle…and, I’m simply not willing to do that anymore. I prefer to accept things as they are and feel blessed. 🙂❤️

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      • Oh I like that attitude. I agree. I’m sure restoring is a lot of perseverance, but now… Yes, all gratitude for the threshold 😀

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