Friday Farm Favorites: BRRRRR

Farmguy spontaneously took this photograph a few winters ago during a polar vortex.  We were headed out the door to feed our sheep and chickens, and he was amused by my “winter outfit.”  During this time of year, Green Hill Farm is our version of a tundra—we’re in a valley of sorts, surrounded by mountains…and the wind blows with a vengeance.  So, with temperatures dipping into the teens and single digits over night, I’m back to this lovely look, again. Ughh!

But, wintertime isn’t all bad.  Even though it’s cold and not fun to go outside, I thought I would embrace the beauty of the season by sharing some of my favorite photographs from past winters on Green Hill Farm.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!



  1. I grew up in upstate NY so I am no stranger to the cold, but it has snowed twice so far this winter in southern Louisiana. Wishing our mild winters would come back!

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    • I agree with you about the mild winters…I miss them, too. It’s usually in the 30s and 40s here, and most of the time, it doesn’t snow until February. We’ve never (until just recently) had winters where the temperatures plunge into the single digits, and then STAY there for days! We’ve had our pipes freeze once already, and it’s only the beginning of January. I think the temperatures are supposed to start going up in a week or two, until then, the sheep and chickens will be getting lots of extra grain and treats. Thanks for visiting and stay warm! 🙂


  2. Completely agreed on the BRRRRRR sentiment. I don’t remember it been so cold for so long in Stamford… And the wind doesn’t help. But there is beauty in everything, including the frozen terrain 🙂 Stay warm!

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    • Thank you, Anatoli. The combination of cold and wind is terrible, especially if you have to be outside for any period of time. I especially worry about our sheep and chickens when it’s this cold, but they have good shelter and lots of food and fresh water. So, generally they’re alright. And, the snowy landscape is lovely. My favorite thing about the snow is the quietness that settles over the farm. It’s very peaceful. Have a nice weekend…hopefully next to a fireplace with a great glass of wine! 🙂


  3. Thank you for sharing – wonderful. We are in the middle of a cold snap, that takes a lot of the fun out of feeding the horses. In fact, I just got off the tractor – cleaning the drive way. Photos really brightened my day.

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  4. Chickens! Love the chicken pics! I have some Lavender Orpingtons and and some extras that I’d told the lady that hatched for me to throw in. Cuz why not? I ended up with 3 black Orpingtons, 2 Gold Laced Wyandottes and an Ameracauna that we thought was a roo till she laid me a green egg! Now I’m addicted to colored eggs and have a Whitings True Blue on my wish list lol

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  5. Oooh, your hands look so cold! We’ve not had much of a winter here this year, no snow yet. Last year this time we were under siege of our second of three 20-inch snowstorms, ack! Winter can be beautiful, though. The farm looks gorgeous under all that snow. 🙂

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    • Unfortunately, between the dry and cold air, my hands stay red most of the winter. I thought I did permanent damage to the tips of my fingers yesterday! 😉
      I remember your crazy winter last year—20-inch snowstorms aren’t fun…AT ALL. I hope it’s more moderate this year. Thank you so much, Kathryn. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  6. You are making headlines here in France …. every single weather report leads with le vortex polaire or les États Unis congelé, meanwhile here in the capital of the Alpes we had huge dumps of snow followed by incessant rain leading to avalanches – not having any sheep or chickens to tend to, The Bean and I have tended to stay indoors 😉 Have a wonderful weekend and I wish you WARM! 😘

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