Friday Farm Favorites: Evening Treats

Clover and Hamish


Every evening, Farmguy and I give our sheep and chickens treats of grain and lettuce.  It’s one of my favorite times of day—probably because the farm is so still and quiet.  It’s easy to feel happy and at peace surrounded by such grace.  And, sometimes, as I sit in the grass trying to capture a different perspective of the barnyard, I can’t help but feel incredibly moved by the simplicity and beauty of this place.

Here’s the thing:  Although it’s treat time for our sweet woollies and chickens, we’re the ones who actually receive something special—a feeling of gratitude and a renewed spirit.




“In ways that matter, we are all the same.  I have yet to find an emotion that is normally attributed to humans that is not displayed by animals.  Just because they don’t speak our words doesn’t mean they are not communicating.  They are constantly communicating.  Once you click in, you can see it.  If we let go of the unconscious limits we normally impose on animals and simply look at them, listen to them, and pay attention, they have a whole lot to say, and they say it clearly.”

~Kathy Stevens, founder, Catskill Animal Sanctuary




Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



  1. Do you raise you sheep only for the wool?

    BTW, I’ve never seen an animal display hatred. Animals show dislike for someone, or anger towards another dog, but not hatred. Hatred is anger without reason, animals always have a reason, usually intrusion into personal space.

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  2. Yes, they are communicating. Today’s chapter in Charlotte’s Web spoke of Dr. Dorian telling Mrs. Arable that perhaps animals can talk, and he might have missed it if he wasn’t paying close attention. Farmers pay close attention. That’s why they talk to you. Life is good. And your photos are terrific.

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  3. The peace and calm and serenity that we gain by giving simple treats to our animals is priceless and let no-one EVER tell me that animals don’t feel emotions same as we do. It’s just a question of taking the prejudice goggles off and letting yourself really see. I love the gift you share with all of us of your beautiful place, your priceless animals and the unbegoggled eyes you view your world through. Thank you Tonya. I wish you all a peaceful and joyous weekend 💛

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    • I agree with you, Osyth. Animals are sentient beings with the same range of emotions as we experience. With a little respect, sensitivity, and love, we can all tune into this reality. As always, thank you for such a thoughtful and generous comment. I sincerely appreciate your words. Enjoy your weekend! ❤️ xo

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  4. Happy weekend Farmgirl! I love the way you look at things….it is the reward of your animals love and not the animals who await treats. You really are a kind soul as I used to think of the happiness of giving the animals treats. It is much more than that. Thanks😃🤗🤗😚

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  5. Wonderful sentiments expressed here. So much love and gratitude. Definitely a bright spot in my morning. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your farm with all of us. ❤

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