• I can’t believe it. My friend and I just saw him in concert a couple of months ago.
      I’ve always loved his music. I can still remember listening to his songs on my old clock radio as a kid.
      Dancing with Tom Petty is a lovely and happy thought….one day. 😌


  1. I thought of you when I heard the news, knowing you had just seen him recently. So very sad but a gift of music he gave to all of us.
    Love this song. Now there’s still another empty chair that won’t be filled. But the reunion up there must be amazing..:)

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    • Thanks, George. Tom Petty’s music had great appeal. And, I think it’s because his lyrics and sentiment were so authentic and honest. His passing was very sad and shocking news. I’m so glad my friend and I were able to attend one of his concerts this summer.

      I’m happy you enjoyed the song. I love it too. The Traveling Wilburys represented such an amazing group of talent. 🙂

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