The Weekly Bleat: Spring Forward!


Green Hill Farm is wonderful this time of year.  I truly love living here in the springtime.  It’s as if the whole place just comes alive:  trees budding out, pastures greening up, and bits of lavender, yellow, and pink from blooming flowers and trees dotting the landscape.  It’s just so uplifting.

We’ve had gorgeous weather, and today, I noticed my asparagus is coming up.  It’s really exciting to have something nutritious and delicious just show up in the kitchen garden every spring. It’s such a treat!  Of course, there was a lot of work initially to establish the asparagus, but that’s another story plus an asparagus recipe you may want to read about here.  Anyway, we’ve enjoyed some beautiful days and serene evenings on the farm this week.  Here’s a little of what we saw.




  1. Beee-autiful! I love it! 😀 Such a gorgeous garden, even when it’s so empty!
    I would appreciate an asparagus post. I haven’t considered growing it, and yet, we consume plenty enough of it that I should.

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    • So sorry for the delay in responding! Wasn’t feeling great earlier in the week–better now. 🙂
      Thank you so much, Joey. It was a dream for a long time. The kitchen garden (as it looks today) finally came to fruition about two years ago.
      If you enjoy asparagus, you really should consider growing it. It’s just such a treat to have something fresh come up every spring, and since it’s a perennial, it can last up to 20 years ( if cared for properly). Of course, you have to wait about three years for it to produce enough to pick. But, it’s worth it, especially since you like to garden. 🙂

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  2. I have grown asparagus in the past and it takes effort to get to those beauteous spears. Before I grew it I used to go to a ‘pick your own’ farm (I cant recall what you call them your side but I’m sure you understand my meaning) which belonged to friends of mine. Which was fortunate because one day when I wasn’t looking my then 2 year old youngest decapitated an entire row (just the tips not the stems) … i was absolutely horrified AND I had only enough money to cover the proper pickings. Fortunately George was happy to bung the stems for a restaurant to make into soup.

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