The Weekly Bleat: Truffle Treats

Truffle–spoiled rotten lamb


Farmguy and I adopted this little woolly last spring. Truffle was a bottle-fed lamb or “bottle baby” due to not having a mother to care for him. This sweet, little lamb was raised in the barn with one of the family dogs to keep him company. And, because of this early friendship, Truffle now thinks he’s a dog. He’s very social and interactive, wagging his tail and running up to us whenever we enter the pasture. He also follows us everywhere we go, especially if a grain treat is involved.

We’ve even established a special routine, where he runs to the fence after all the sheep have been given grain and stands there, waiting for his second helping. As you can see, he’s become a bit impatient. If we’re not fast enough, he starts “pawing” at the fence to hurry us along…. and an insistent baaaaaah usually follows.

Here’s the thing: Joy comes in many forms. This one just happens to be a sweet ball of wool. πŸ™‚



Happy Thursday and BAAAAAAAH from the woollies!



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