The Weekly Bleat: Almost Spring


Green Hill Farm

Tuesday, March 13th


We’ve enjoyed sunny days, blue skies, greening pastures, and daffodils over the last couple of weeks, and then… snowed four inches on Monday.  But happily, most of it melted the next day. So, once again, we’re on our way to spring.



Happy Thursday!



  1. Nice to see the greenery again! How quickly time marches by and we are going into Spring and your farm life will get busy again. I do envy you on the farm, living a healthy and lesser city stressed life. I am sure you do have your own stressors for example if a sheep or cow gets unwell or this or that needs mending. Enjoy your Spring! Keep showing us lovely photos of how Spring marches in. 🙂 Happy Friday and weekend ahead 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, George. I completely understand your sentiment. I’m counting down the days as well. You all have really had a time! We haven’t had too much snow this winter, but the temperature extremes have been challenging. It’s 62 degrees now, and snow is in the forecast for Wednesday. I think winter may be around for a little while longer. But, I’m still going to imagine sunnier days. ☀️🌱
      I hope you and your wife are well. 🙂

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  2. I remember how I so looked forward to the day all the snow was gone and spring was in full swing in our orchard in New Hampshire when we lived there. Nature has been crazy with its wild swings this year. Hopefully after this latest storm passes your weather will improve and stay that way.

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