Friday Farm Favorites: Happy Groundhog Day!

Mr. Groundhog of Green Hill Farm

August 2017

This little guy lived under our tractor shed last year.  And, at some point during the summer, he decided he wanted to live under our 200-year-old house, instead.  That’s when Farmguy and I had to come up with a re-location plan for our unwanted house guest.  So, we bought a humane trap, placed some cantaloupe inside, and waited.  Within minutes, this little cutie was inside munching on his melon.  We gently placed him in the bed of our truck, drove to the other end of the farm, and released him into a wooded area near a stream.

Here’s the thing:  I’m not sure if Mr. Groundhog of Green Hill Farm saw his shadow today.  But, I have a feeling he did, especially since it’s 19 degrees F. right now, and snow is in the forecast. Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day and stay warm!


Have a wonderful weekend! 



  1. My husband was devastated when he found the skeleton of what he realized was the groundhog that had lived under the shed for many years and who he nodded at from time to time (though whether the groundhog nodded, history does not relate). Imagine his delight when he discovered after a gap of 18 months that a new groundhog had moved into the cosy hole and that another has made it’s home in a hollow under some rocks in the woods. All this said, I imagine he would be less delighted if either of them or any of their buddies decided to go under the house. Well played with the melon trap 🍉 And thank you for the beautiful pictures! ❤️

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    • Green Hill Farm seems to be a critter magnet—stray cats, groundhogs. We even had a mama possum and babies one summer that we re-located. Never a dull moment!
      As far as the groundhog’s fate and my relatives… I just have a different mindset. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  2. I just came across your blog and enjoy reading it. I come from a farm in Germany that has been in the family for many generations. My brother is retired but he still raises about 30 sheep.

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    • I felt sad about moving him but didn’t have a choice. He was only in the cage for about 10 minutes…and he did have some cantaloupe. 🙂 The wooded area is quiet with lots if vegetation and a water source. Hopefully, he found a new home. 😊


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