Tuesday Tunes: Good Times

Hamish and Friends

Green Hill Farm


It’s cold….A-GAIN.  I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but around here, it seems like it’s either 60 degrees or 15 degrees F.  The temperatures have been so up and down!  We began the new year with a lovely polar vortex, single digit temperatures, and pipe freezing winds–just to remind us that, yes Virginia, it’s still winter.  Then, Mother Nature, Father Forecast, or some other maniacal meteorologic relative decided, wouldn’t it be fun to give everyone weather whiplash? So, just like that, we were hurled out of the depths of an arctic blast, only to land in what my grandma used to call “pneumonia weather.”  You know what I’m talking about…first, it’s a bone-chilling 7 degrees, and then, out of the blue, some warm-a$$ El Nino winds blow in a humid 68 degree day—all within a two week period.  Yeah, good times!

You see, this warmer weather, while appearing to be a reprieve from winter, actually isn’t good for anyone—human or animal.  It’s hard for sheep as their bodies have trouble acclimating to the changing temperatures.  And, that balmy 68 degrees can feel warmer than it actually is to us as well…so warm, that we’re running the air conditioner or having wine on the patio without coats, hats, and gloves—cue pneumonia weather.

And, you don’t have to be a sheep for that difference in temperature to make you feel crummy. Unfortunately, Farmguy got a bad cold; but thankfully, no pneumonia. It’s a miracle, though, especially since we’ve had temperatures ranging from 7 to 70 this month. And, it’s still January. Lawd, this month just seems to go on and on and on.  I mean, how is it STILL January. Whoever came up with the idea of giving winter months 31 days anyway?  I mean, aren’t 28 or 29 cold, dark days enough?

Here’s the thing:  Next month is a bit shorter, and then we’re on to March—plus, daylight saving time kicks in soon—March 11.  Yay!  So, to lift your spirits and remind you of good times, here’s one of my favorite tunes by the 1970s band, Chic.





  1. Ugh, yes. Here in western Canada we’ve also been experiencing the up and down weather. Rejoicing in the warmth, pouting in the gray, dark, cold and windy. We’re seeing the difference in daylight (when the sun shines anyway), going from dark at 4pm to dark closer to 6pm now. Oh that lovely lovely sun! What a huge difference it can make smiling down on us!

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