Acrostic Poem


by Tonya R. Hengerer


Softly vocalizing


Note at a time—



Its song as a melody

Resonates throughout the garden and

Dances on the wind.


Wishing you a peaceful Sunday. 


  1. Beautiful. Love your pictures. I saw a cardinal for the first time last spring in Florida, when it came and sat right next to me in the car, admiring itself in the wing mirror. Gorgeous little bird.

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  2. This is a lovely acrostic and you know how I love birds! 🕊🐦🐔🐤🐧
    My brother is getting stronger every day after his Thanksgiving scary brain surgery. I have been driving back and forth trying to stay connected and encouraging. . .

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      • I am finally breathing better, I held my breath at times. . . Thank you, Tonya. ❤
        He and I have an 18 month birth gap and I have been close to him, in many special ways: band, friends shared, and art. . . Love is number one among we 3 siblings and Mom seemed to revel in it, really present. xo

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