The Weekly Bleat: Virginia Artists

I love farm animals.  So, you won’t be surprised to learn that I also appreciate artwork that features these sweet creatures.  Over the years, I’ve collected a number of beautiful, whimsical, and funky pieces from local artists.  These lovely works of art never fail to bring cheer and a smile every time I see them.  I hope they’ll make you smile, too.  Enjoy! 🙂


“I’m A Blue Goat,” acrylic on canvas

by Ginger Danz


“Top Hat,” acrylic on canvas

by Ruth Lefko




“Sheep in a Pasture,” fiber art

by Patricia Powers, M.D.



“Green Hill Farm Hens,” oil on canvas

by Donna Tuten



Untitled, mixed media

by Susan Bradbury



Untitled, acrylic on canvas

by Marsha Heatwole



    • Thanks, George. I’ll share your compliment with our friend, Patty Powers. She made this piece of fiber art. Patty’s so creative! She makes art quilts and paints as well. She’s also a physician–one busy lady! I really love Sheep in a Pasture, too. I think it has nice balance and wonderful, vibrant colors. 🙂🐑

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