Rosé Doesn’t Have a Season, So it’s Not Ending

Kirsten Georgi is The Armchair Sommelier. She writes an informative, interesting, and humorous blog about wine. Whether you’re a wine drinker or not, you’ll surely enjoy this lovely blog that’s a wonderful combination of history, photography, and wine.

After all, anyone who believes Tuesdays are a good reason to open a bottle of Champagne has the right attitude about life! I hope you enjoy this witty and fun article!! 🙂

The Armchair Sommelier

rose-wine-many-shades-pink Stop it.

Rosé Seasonis on my last good nerve.  Rosé doesn’t have a season.  Or it shouldn’t have a season.  Pumpkin spice has a season.  Asparagus has a season.  Egg nog has a season.  Peeps have a season.  I have never understood why people relegate rosé to a season.  I always have a bottle (or four) of rosé in my wine fridge — I drink it year round.

But, some people insist on a season for rosé.  To wit, here’s a hodgepodge of posts I’ve seen on social media this week:

  • Rosé season is ending soon, and I’m getting anxious.
  • Enjoy rosé season while you still can.
  • Not quite ready to let go of rosé season just yet.
  • Rosé season eclipses everything else.  Drink up the last few days!
  • Soon rosé season will be over.  Sad!

OK, the last one was funny.  But, who decided you can only drink rosé…

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