The Weekly Bleat: Did Someone Say Grain?


Hamish and Ivy, our two piggiest sheep.


There’s nothing our sheep love more than grain.  One sheep in particular thinks about it All. The. Time. That, of course, would be Hamish—our Scottish Blackface sheep with the white face.  Because Hamish was bottle-fed as a lamb, he’s very comfortable interacting with us.  He especially enjoys baaahing loudly whenever he sees us walking around the farm.  I think his reasoning is that the louder he baaahs at us, the more he increases his likelihood of receiving grain.  Well, that strategy doesn’t usually move Farmguy, but most of the time, it works on me. 🙂

Anyway, we’ve been giving the sheep grain treats over the last couple of weeks in order to make it a bit easier to corral them for shearing next month.  Here are a few photos to illustrate our sheep’s joy and exuberance when it’s grain time.










    • Thanks so much, Joey. Hamish is SO full of himself! I’ve actually seen him, plus a few other sheep perform a hop/prance maneuver when grain is anticipated. They are hilarious! 🙂
      You crack me up! Yes, I think we all can be motivated by a bit of grain, especially these sheep. And, thank goodness, because they’re very smart and just a little bit hardheaded sometimes. 😉

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  1. Hamish is clearly the long lost ovine brother of all my daughters growing up! All were convinced that the louder you squeaked the more you got – ours was a chaotic and rumbustious household! Such a charming tale … I do love the sheepy stories – a lovely way to start my week 💛

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