Creative Cuisine, Cool Cocktails, and Chickens…Could There Be a Better Combination?

A while ago, friend and fellow blogger, Melody of Meals With Mel visited Virginia and Green Hill Farm with her husband, Doug.  Melody is a fantastic cook with a flair for Southwestern cuisine.  And, she recently showcased a number of healthy and delicious salads that are perfect for dining al fresco this summer.  If you’re wondering what to cook for dinner this evening, be sure to visit Mel for lots of wonderful ideas!

During our visit, Melody told me about a fun and whimsical blog called, Drinking with Chickens.  I knew I would love it based on the name alone.  Drinking With Chickens features cool cocktails using fresh herbs and flowers from the author’s lovely and inspiring garden….and, of course, there are lots of cute and curious chickens running around everywhere.  This blog has beautiful photography and wonderful, creative cocktail recipes—plus a good dose of chicken humor.

So, with summer almost here, you may want to check out these two very original blogs before your next cocktail or dinner party.  Happy Blogging! 🙂



  1. Oooh thank you! I have been meaning to visit Melody for a while and I am now hopping straight over their and Drinks with Chickens … really – if I don’t I will have a lifetime of regret and self-abuse!! 🐓🍸🐔🐥🥂🍷

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