Friday Farm Favorites: In the Moment

We have a large window over our stairwell that looks onto the garden and fields.  One evening last week as I hurried down the stairs, I happened to glance out the window.  This was my view.  I started to walk on, because I had a bunch of things to do, but something encouraged me to pause and take another look.  As I savored the peacefulness of the scene, appreciating all the lilies in bloom as well as the serenity of the sheep grazing in the green paddock with the backdrop of an imposing, blue mountain, I forgot why I was in such a hurry. Not only did I feel more relaxed, but I felt deeply thankful.


Wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend!



  1. Wonderful post, lovely view. I commend you on having the wisdom to stop and gaze. So much to do, so many, many things to do every day! Those small moments of appreciation are to be relished. They remind us why we do the things 🙂

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  2. Sloooooow down is a message we could all take to heart …. look around and SEE. When the world outside your window is so tranquil and beautiful it deserves contemplative appreciation – life has a habit of tripping us up from that ideal – you give us a lovely reminder xo

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