“The Weekly Bleat: Growing, Growing!”

With spring around the corner, I thought I would share some fond memories of our sweet chicks from last year. Enjoy!! 🙂

fourth generation farmgirl

Our newest additions to Green Hill Farm are getting BIG!  It’s amazing how quickly these chicks are growing.  I think they’ve doubled in size in two short weeks.  They’ve already started developing wings as well as demonstrating various chicken behaviors–like scratching for food.  I just love these darling, fluff balls and thought I’d share some recent photos with you.  Hope you enjoy!

18 March 2015:  Week Old Chicks

25 March 2015:  Two Week Old Chicks

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      • I’m so happy you enjoyed the post, Rob. That’s really nice of you to say. I love that your chickens watch the boys playing in the house. How cute! Chickens are so curious and intelligent. I really enjoy their little personalities. That’s why I think factory farming is so disgusting and sad. We know how much these lovely animals enjoy exploring and interacting. No sentient being should have to live its life in a tiny cage without sunlight. Okay, I’m getting off my soap box now. 😉

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      • I agree with you, Tonya. We’ve become quite fond of our chickens, and it was devastating to lose one to a fox. They recognize us, and follow us around just like a dog. No animal ought to be confined like that. That’s not living.

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      • I’m so sorry about your chicken, Rob. I know how that feels. 😞
        Hopefully, someday soon, there won’t be anymore battery hens. Thanks for doing your part to contribute to a better world with your backyard flock. 🙂


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