“The Weekly Bleat: Growing, Growing!”

Our newest additions to Green Hill Farm are getting BIG!  It’s amazing how quickly these chicks are growing.  I think they’ve doubled in size in two short weeks.  They’ve already started developing wings as well as demonstrating various chicken behaviors–like scratching for food.  I just love these darling, fluff balls and thought I’d share some recent photos with you.  Hope you enjoy!

18 March 2015:  Week Old Chicks


25 March 2015:  Two Week Old Chicks


  1. Too cute!!
    Just a fun little nerdy fact… Did you know at one point a few years back scientist tried to reverse engineer a chicken embryo into a T-Rex? They were able to develop teeth and extra tail bones.

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  2. awe look at them arent they adorable glad they are growing so fast before you know it they will be ready to lay eggs, baby chicks have always amazed me at how fast they grow. Love love them adorable!!!

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