“The Weekly Bleat: Baaah and The Bottle”

A few months ago, I planned and coordinated a spring client event for my husband’s business.  My idea combined four of our interests:  historic homes, locally sourced food, wine, and farm animals.  The farm animals featured were Scottish Blackface sheep, hence the “Baaah” in the title of the event.

The affair was held at Pharsalia, an historic home near Charlottesville, Virginia, that’s been in the same family for about 200 years.  We planned a luncheon using locally sourced food for our spring menu as well as featuring the beautiful wines from Virginia winemaker and vineyard consultant, Gabriele Rausse.  For more on Virginia wine and Gabriele, please take a look at this post:  https://fourthgenerationfarmgirl.com/2014/10/31/virginia-wine-pursuing-a-dream/

Mother Nature provided us with a perfect spring day, and Pharsalia as well as Gabriele delivered a delightful wine luncheon.  However, the stars of the event were……wait for it——THE SHEEP!  Braeburn Farm, which is next door to Pharsalia, provided the rams, ewes, and sweet, little lambs for our big day.  And, they were definitely a hit!  There was also lots of education about the animals as well as an opportunity for some interaction with the sheep.  Overall, it was a splendid event!

These lovely photographs are courtesy of our friend and photographer extraordinaire, Doug Frassa.


  1. It was such a wonderful event! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED learning about and seeing the sheep, and the luncheon and tour of Pharsalia was lovely. You did an awesome job coordinating the event! Cheers to you!

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  2. What a glorious event!!! Based on the beautiful house and the views of the country …. If I didn’t know any better I would have said this event took place in the English country side…. Beautiful!!

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