First Post Challenge

The wonderful and creative Judy, of Edwina’s Episodes has challenged me to take part in this new challenge. I am happy to participate as it’s a look back at my very first post.  I started this blog to share my journey of restoring my family’s ancestral home and the daily happenings on Green Hill Farm.  This includes lots of memories of growing up on my family’s 100-year-old farm as well as the antics of my menagerie of sheep, chickens, cats, and dogs.

I first began this blog by sharing three retrospectives.  The first retrospective reflected on my reasons and inspiration for moving back to the place of my youth.  It’s a bit of background history about my family as well as special memories I have of my grandmother.  All in all, I think it was a good starting place.

Here are the rules:

Copy-paste, link, pingback, etc. your first post.

Identify the post:   introduction, story, poem.

Explain why it was your first post.

Nominate five other bloggers.

Here’s my first post:

My nominees:

Beckys Bubbles Blog


Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

The Wicked Chicken

Full Circle Farm


  1. Thank you Tonya…I will look forward to participating. From the photos on your first blog I can tell that you’ve always been very photogenic and have always loved animals, very sweet! Due to some technical difficulties (my operator error) I no longer have my very first blog post, but I have one that is fairly close to the first and will enjoy writing about that experience.

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