“The Weekly Bleat: BRRRRR”

Farmguy spontaneously took this photograph last winter as we headed out the door to feed our sheep and chickens. He was amused by my “winter outfit” and wanted to capture the moment. I don’t normally dress like this, but it was during one of the polar vortexes.  You see, during the winter, Green Hill Farm is our version of a tundra.  So, with temperatures dipping into single digits over the last few days, I’m back to this lovely look, again. Ughh!

Even though it’s cold and not fun to go outside, I thought I would embrace the beauty of the season by sharing some photographs from past winters on Green Hill Farm.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. It all looks beautiful, but I also feel sorry for the animals that have to be out in it. Even with a fur coat or fluffed up feathers, they still have little bare feet. It might be possible to make little boots for sheep (though they’d probably not like them) but shoeing chickens? That’s another story!

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  2. Some lovely shots here! And I can see why your husband grabbed the camera for that shot, he’s caught your energy and effervescence in a photo!

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  3. Reblogged this on fourth generation farmgirl and commented:

    Wow!! It is cold outside and supposed to get colder this weekend–8 degrees on Saturday. I decided to re-share this post as I recently came inside from walking the dogs as well as feeding the barn cats, sheep, and chickens–plus, gathering eggs. And, I. am. frozen. Let me just say…I can’t feel my fingers yet. BRRRR!! But, on a sunnier note, all the critters on Green Hill Farm are healthy and happy, and that’s definitely a heartwarming thought.

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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