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So, What Vintage Are You?

September is my birthday month, and thankfully, I’m turning another year older.  I am now firmly into my fourth decade–or as my husband corrected–fifth decade, because you count 0 to 10 as your first decade…..okay—whatever!  The bottom line….I am forty-something and well into the journey of my life.  And, with this understanding, I started considering the passing years and what […]

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Beautiful Eggs!

A few weeks ago, we collected our first egg from the new chickens or pullets.  It was quite exciting as we weren’t expecting eggs for another month or two! Today, our hens are laying an abundance of lovely, multicolored eggs for us to share and enjoy.  We find most of the eggs in the nesting boxes, but a couple of the hens are […]

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Friday Farm Favorites: A Farmgirl Abroad

These photographs were taken last summer in London at one of my favorite places—Trafalgar Square.  I first visited this vibrant place as a student studying in London for a semester, and I’ve loved it ever since. Trafalgar Square, a lovely open space, is a landmark heritage site in the City of Westminster (central London).  At its center is Nelson’s Column, […]

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