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Peanut Butter Spice Cookies

I. LOVE. Peanut butter.  So, it makes sense that I would also love peanut butter cookies; however, it’s not just the taste that endears me to this special treat.  It’s also the memories.  When I was a girl, peanut butter cookies were always the cookie I wanted to make with Mom.  I so enjoyed rolling the little balls of dough […]

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The Weekly Bleat: Clementine

Part of my morning routine on Green Hill Farm includes coffee and Clementine Kitty.  Clementine has so much personality; however, we were slightly unaware of her more unusual gifts. 😉   “What do you mean, I can’t fly?”   “These people really bug me.  I”ll show them!”   “Watch this!  I’m Super Kitty!”   **Special thanks to Farmguy for capturing […]

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