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Dedicated Blogger Award

  Rob, of The V-Pub, graciously nominated my blog for The Dedicated Blogger Award.  I am truly honored that he considered Fourth Generation Farmgirl for such a meaningful accolade.  Rob was nominated by Barbara, of The Idealistic Rebel, and she states: “This Award is dedicated to those bloggers who consistently provide wisdom, inspiration, kindness, gentleness and truth to the world through their blogs.” Thank you so very much, Rob. I would like to express how happy I am to be a part of a community of bloggers who reflect these same principles into the world everyday through their heartfelt kindnesses to one another, intelligent and moving writing, and wonderful humor.  I so appreciate and enjoy reading your contributions.  There are no requirements for this award, only a recognition of like-minded bloggers and a request to “pay it forward.” This is just a sample of the many blogs I follow that deserve this award: Riddle from the Middle The Off Key of Life Hugh’s Views and News Joeyfullystated Sue Vincent Decoding Happiness 2015 Chronicles Meals With Mel Modern Theologian Nareszcie Urlop   Once again, many thanks to Rob for this beautiful award.        

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Peanut Butter Spice Cookies

I. LOVE. Peanut butter.  So, it makes sense that I would also love peanut butter cookies; however, it’s not just the taste that endears me to this special treat.  It’s also the memories.  When I was a girl, peanut butter cookies were always the cookie I wanted to make with Mom.  I so enjoyed rolling the little balls of dough […]

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The Weekly Bleat: Clementine

Part of my morning routine on Green Hill Farm includes coffee and Clementine Kitty.  Clementine has so much personality; however, we were slightly unaware of her more unusual gifts. 😉   “What do you mean, I can’t fly?”   “These people really bug me.  I”ll show them!”   “Watch this!  I’m Super Kitty!”   **Special thanks to Farmguy for capturing […]

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