Friday Farm Favorites

I first discovered the Shenandoah Valley artist, Marsha Heatwole several years ago while visiting an art gallery in downtown Lexington, Virginia.  I love the way she captures farm animals and their personalities in such a delightful and whimsical manner.  Farmguy and I purchased this painting a couple of months ago at the Roanoke Sidewalk Art Show, and I absolutely love it.  The expressions on the faces of the sheep always make me smile.  I hope they make you smile, too.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


“Animals portray a joy of life that’s heartwarming.  I strive to bring that playfulness and wonder into my art by understanding the animals’s anatomy and characteristics–revealing both through composition, gesture, and expressive color.  This enables the personalities of my creatures to radiate their own special beauty.”

~Marsha Heatwole



  1. Tonya, I have arrived to see art! Yay! 🙂 I like the whimsy and care taken in the painting of these sheep. ❤
    I put in a 53 hour work week in good ol' advance auto hot, hot warehouse.
    I have a cool tea, yummy snacks once my catching up is completed. 🙂

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      • now how precious is that? I think even if someone isn’t a collector, the painting would be compelling…however, to a collector- it is amazing…I don’t display my sheep collection currently…but still love to have them and like you, do bring them out at Christmas…when my children were young…I would place the manger and the sheep got closer and closer to the manger until they were gathered around on Christmas morning! and the funny thing is- they are all different sizes! but they loved the ‘march of the sheep’ !

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