Friday Farm Favorites


Our beloved Clementine Kitty and Dash are both rescued pets, and they have brought an immeasurable amount of love and joy into our lives.  They never cease to amaze us with their intelligence, sensitivity, humorous personalities, and affection toward us as well as each other. Because of our positive experience with shelter pets, I would like to share that October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog-Month.  If you have time or the inclination, please consider visiting your local animal shelter. They are always grateful for food donations, towels, beds, and monetary contributions.  And, of course, they certainly appreciate your support, even if it’s a visit, your time, or a smile and a thank you.

Have a great weekend!




  1. What a wonderful prompt – I know we have a Greyhound and Whippet shelter close to here so I will pop by and see what they need. I used to have a rescued Whippet X called Achilles (so I could call Achilles … heel!) so I will do what I can in his name. Thank you for such a lovely post – your two babies are so beautiful!

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  2. In many cases I actually think rescue pets make the most incredible companions. We rescued a Labrador cross for my grandfather, she was so adorable, we called her Lucky (not very original I know!) but she was the most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for, she would even follow my grandfather to the bathroom. It was after my grandmother had died and she really did help him immensely. So they did each other a great service.

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