So, What Vintage Are You?

Since I recently celebrated a birthday, I thought I’d re-share this post I wrote last September regarding age and attitude. Cheers!!

fourth generation farmgirl

September is my birthday month, and thankfully, I’m turning another year older.  I am now firmly into my fourth decade–or as my husband corrected–fifth decade, because you count 0 to 10 as your first decade…..okay—whatever!  The bottom line….I am forty-something and well into the journey of my life.  And, with this understanding, I started considering the passing years and what “age” means to me.

As someone who’s interested in wine, I completed an introduction/level I sommelier wine course with my husband about a year and a half ago.  When I began writing this post, I started thinking about aging in wine and aging in life.  I thought about  the grapevine’s journey versus our own journeys.  Young grapevines have vigor and brightness, but it’s the older vines that are the most sought after to make the best wines.  This is partially because the vines take on the nuances of their environment:…

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  1. September is my birthday month too, in fact it’s the 19th and I’m going to be 50. Funny how that seems young the closer you get to it. Any milestone birthday is a good time to celebrate your life and all the good things you’re grateful for. I’m seriously considering marking this one by growing out my hair color and letting my curly gray hair be free!


  2. I’m another September b-day, Tonya, but this one was my last one in my forties……..I’ll try and approach the next one with the celebration you recommend! Gulp!

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