Honey Hen: Little Chicken, Big Impression

It’s hard to believe that I wrote this post almost a year ago. In the last twelve months, Green Hill Farm has said goodbye to a number of beloved pets, including Honey Chicken and Maud, our blue tick hound dog. Although letting go is always sad, I am forever grateful for knowing these animals and the beauty and lessons that graced our lives because of them.

fourth generation farmgirl

Having just fed the barn kitties, I headed toward the chicken coop to gather eggs.  On the way, I stopped and looked up, closing my eyes. I stood for a moment, letting the warmth of the afternoon sun wash over me.  When I opened my eyes, I saw an autumn sky that was clear blue with wisps of clouds like white gossamer.  The burnt colors of foliage lining the sheep paddock caught my attention; too little rain late in the summer had muted the usual fiery, fall palette.  It was still a lovely sight, and it was perfect weather for Honey Hen to be outside in the fresh air.  But then, I remembered.

Honey Hen, a pet chicken unable to walk well or lay eggs anymore, had become part of my day-to-day routine.  Although she didn’t have perfect mobility, Honey was still a fairly healthy, hearty bird.  She enjoyed being…

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  1. The tapestry of life has many sad and tragic stitches in it. I’m sorry for your goodbyes but the thing is that they move over for the new hellos – ever-changing is life. 🙏🏼

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  2. I remember this story and how touched I was. I love that you and Farmguy care so much about all of your animals and look after them so well.
    At least you know, they had the happiest lives possible whilst they were with you xx

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  3. I have no idea why the Circle of Life is a circle. Circles show no bumps, turns, twists, or rough roads. Still, a circle it is and I guess bumps, bruises and all, we continue around and around leaving some along the way, meeting new friends on the journey….everyone has their own circles…..we’re just blessed when we intersect with others’ circles even for just a short while……

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  4. Honey hen was blessed by your love, as you were blessed with her trust! She made me think about how I talk to many animals, wild and domestic. I assume they sense my love for them. I have a good friend who has birds and chickens, Tonya. She likes one in particular and it follows her all the time! 🙂

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