Friday Farm Favorites: Welcome Sweet Woollies

(Left to right) Tino (lying down), Butter Bean, Sweetpea, and Truffle 


Farmguy and I recently welcomed four Scottish Blackface lambs to our flock of eight sheep. Sadly, we had to say goodbye in December and February to our gentle woollies, Violet and Fern. While we will greatly miss as well as remember the original members of the flock fondly, it’s uplifting and joyful to welcome babies.  And, we’re thankful that the older sheep are demonstrating interest and tolerance toward the new arrivals.

Our newest additions are all male.  And, in the tradition of naming our sheep after flowers and plants (with the exception of Hamish), we’ve chosen the following names:  Tino—short for Vermentino, an Italian white wine grape; Butter Bean; Sweetpea; and Truffle—the kind one finds in the dirt around trees (not chocolate).

Farmguy and I are having so much fun with these little guys.  They all have such sweet, curious personalities, and each day is another opportunity to bond with them and build trust.

Truffle, a bottle-baby and the friendliest lamb so far, has become super comfortable climbing all over us to get to the grain scoop.  He’s such a cutie!  Whenever he sees us, he comes running and follows us all around the pastures.

Here are a few photos of the lambs’ first couple of weeks on Green Hill Farm.


Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. We have goats, instead of sheep, primarily because I’d read that sheep don’t love you once they grow up. Do you find that mature sheep keep to their own kind and lose their lovable-ness?

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