Friday Farm Favorites: A Renewal

Celebrating our 20th anniversary

September 2017


Last September, Farmguy and I celebrated our 20th anniversary by renewing our vows at the scenic mountain resort, Primland on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was a private and quiet affair with only a minister and photographer in attendance.  And, although our celebration was restrained, the emotion was not.  The exchange of vows and heartfelt sentiment was filled with tears and much laughter.  This lovely, authentic moment, set against the natural beauty of the mountains, is one we will remember for a very long time.

Many thanks to Kayla Snow Photography for capturing this special celebration.




  1. Pure adoration in both of your eyes – overflowing with love. Thank you for sharing this joyous moment with us, Tonya and Scott! Listening to Alison Kraus while smiling at your photos is perfect!

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  2. I am just seeing this beautiful pictures of y’all’s 20th anniversary everyone should be as blessed as y’all and their love and in their marriage. I feel that Penn and I have the same it is a beautiful world we live in. When you have a partner that loves you more than you love yourself.congratulations to the cutest couple in the world love Kate’s xoxo

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