Christmas Favorites

Just thought I would share some photos of our favorite sheep and chicken themed Christmas tree.  And, say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who took time to offer kind, comforting, and encouraging words regarding our dear sheep, Violet.  It really meant a lot to Farmguy and me.  Many, many thanks.  XOXO





  1. What a perfect tree … and that version of ‘O Christmas Tree’ is fabulous …. the fiddle and the guitars and is it banjos, I don’t know but all those strings add up to a song that made me grin and want to dance! Merry Christmas Tonya … may all your dreams come true xo

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      • It is cozy and fits my life now. I am at the airport waiting on youngest daughter to arrive home to head to share Christmas Eve with my children and their children.
        Mom, both brothers and sister-in-law all went to see “Coco” and thought it beautiful artwork and story. We ate one meal out on Friday and ate in at my sister-in-law’s pretty dining room table: all adults. Now, they will have their own kids and grandkids together tonight in Cleveland, while Felicia and I will join my “home away from home” in Delaware Ohio. Love to your family, Tonya. ❤❤

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