Friday Farm Favorites: Feeling Festive

I LOVE wandering around vintage/antiques stores.  You know the kind—where there’s everything from beautiful, old quilts to those tacky Smurf drinking glasses you just had to collect when you were a child. The fun thing is you never know what you may find….treasure or trinkets.  But, it’s all good stuff!

Well, recently, while enjoying a lazy afternoon in one of these delightful shops, I discovered an item that grabbed my attention…and completely cracked me up—a pillow with little red bells on the corners and the phrase, “Get Your Jingle On.”  I laughed out loud, but continued to walk around.  However, I didn’t forget about the pillow.  The more I thought about it, the more I decided that I really needed it.  I thought, “What a good reminder for this season of love and goodwill.”

So, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, tired, or stressed-out, put on some festive music, remember your blessings, and think about all the wonderful things you can do to reflect light into our world by offering a kind word, a bright smile, or a helpful hand.

Go ahead,




As you can see, Clementine, Dash, and Bizou love the pillow, especially the bells. 🙂


  1. Fun pillow with a fun phrase! Haha! Your pets might really get their jingle on and shred your pillow haha! I have a friend who does fantastic cross stitching and she will be busy during Christmas doing all sorts of cushion covers! She did one of Garfield for me…”To eat is human, To overeat is divine!”

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