Tuesday Tunes: Hold On….

Farmgirl sharing a moment of joy with Sweet Sadie

Circa 2006


“It was a very ordinary day, the day I realised that my becoming is my life and my home and that I don’t have to do anything but trust the process, trust my story and enjoy the journey. It doesn’t really matter who I’ve become by the finish line, the important things are the changes from this morning to when I fall asleep again, and how they happened, and who they happened with. An hour watching the stars, a coffee in the morning with someone beautiful, intelligent conversations at 5am while sharing the last cigarette. Taking trains to nowhere, walking hand in hand through foreign cities with someone you love. Oceans and poetry.

It was all very ordinary until my identity appeared, until my body and mind became one being. The day I saw the flowers and learned how to turn my daily struggles into the most extraordinary moments. Moments worth writing about. For so long I let my life slip through my fingers, like water.

I’m holding on to it now,
and I’m not letting go.”

~Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps







  1. Such a great song about leaning on each other, holding on and being together! Thanks for this great, oldie but goodie song, Tonya! 💐
    I like the joy displayed in your photo with Sadie ❤

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  2. Okay, first, I looooove that photo! All the smiles 😀
    Second, what a beautiful way to look at life, to take it all in, to process it and give it all value. Wonderful quote. Truly inspiring.

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    • Thank you, Joey. I love that pic, too! Sadie was always such a playful and sweet dog. It’s a nice memory of her.
      I’m glad you liked the quote. For my life, it’s about accepting more and judging less and not allowing anything to disrupt my equilibrium. The author’s words really made sense to me. 🙂


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