Tuesday Tunes: Green Grass, Blue Sky….

Farmguy and I had just gotten home from Sunday brunch a couple of weeks ago, when I noticed Clover, one of my favorite sheep, seemed to be limping.  So, I immediately walked into the pasture to check on him. While I was trying to figure out which leg/foot may be injured, Farmguy snapped these pictures.  Since I don’t usually dress-up to work with the sheep, I guess he saw this as a unique photo opportunity. 🙂



Green grass, blue sky, and sweet woollies…..my idea of peace.




  1. I can’t blame your husband … you look like an A-lister casually wandering in the paddock! Poor Clover … I do hope her foot doesn’t give her too much trouble.

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  2. What beautiful photos! So peaceful. I could relate to farm work in a dress, as I do the same thing in my garden. Like when I return home from church or a luncheon in a dress…a jarring weed catches my eye. Just have to pull that out and then I see another and before I know it, I have been dress gardening for an hour. So happy fuzzy Clover is better!

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  3. Hi I am a new blogger and it would be awesome if you guys checked out my blog I am a motivational writer and I admire bloggers that know how to be real and inspiring. Great ideas!!!

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