1. LOL! I love it, my dog is the same way.

    Akela is older, he’s about 10 yrs now, so the doctor has him on a salmon oil product for his joints. Once we ran out and gave him his regular food without out it, boy did we ever get “the look”. He walked away and wouldn’t eat until later at night. Dogs can be so funny.

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  2. yanno, if some woman says treat around me they just see my reaction and say “down boy!”

    ha ha! you and farm dude have a great weekend. “woof” to the puppies.

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  3. Great pic and very handsome dogs! What kind of dog is the one on the left? I had a dog very similar to that one but no one could ever tell me what kind of dog he was (he was a rescue). Not even my vet could tell me! Anyway, have a great weekend!

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