Something to Ponder

Before Christmas, I read an article along the lines of self-empowerment and jotted down some highlights that made an impression.  I know I’ve heard much of this advice at one time or another, but seeing it all together resonated.  I looked for the article the other day, but unfortunately, I misplaced it.  I did, however, manage to find my scribbled notes.  I thought they were worth sharing.


Be Bold.

Go for what you want and don’t be afraid of hearing “no.”  Embrace your choices and own them.


Know when to walk away.

Cultivate a no-B.S. attitude.  Never invest your time and energy into something or someone who isn’t offering respectable returns.


Communicate your needs and set boundaries.

Never sit silently in front of someone who disrespects you.  Set a boundary right then and there…and move forward.


**–Bounce back from problems.

Look for a solution.  Learn the lesson, apply it to the future, and move on.  Don’t waste time regretting.


Actions speak louder

Never rely on words.  Only through actions can we gauge the true motives and feelings of others.


Know when to say “no.”

Don’t be a pushover.  And, NEVER apologize for doing things that make you happy.  Never bend yourself backwards, forward (and backwards again) to please people who wouldn’t do the same for you.


**–Don’t play the victim.

You’re in total control of how you react to a situation.  When things get tough, roll-up your sleeves and get tougher.


Make a life that you actually ENJOY living.

Push yourself to take risks to be happy.


Don’t compete with other women.

 Empower them.  Seeing other women growing around you is a good thing.


And finally,


Don’t define yourself by your looks.

After all, they fade.  However, your strength of character, intelligence, kindness, and generosity are eternal. 🙂


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