Waiting for Spring

It’s been so warm and sunny here lately that daffodils are blooming and the pastures are turning from dull brown to vibrant green. So, this past weekend, Farmguy and I decided it was a good time to gather our sheep to administer their yearly vaccines and attend to other routine care practices like trimming hooves and de-worming.  After we finished, I walked around the pastures to take a few pictures. And, it occurred to me what a different spring we are having this year.

It was last year’s depressing gray skies, deluge of rain, and general sogginess that inspired the following farmgirl lament on the weather.  I know spring is really early this year, but this farmgirl is so grateful for the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

I really don’t know if I can take one more day of winter.  As I sit here writing, rain is sprinkling against the windows.  It’s solid gray outside, and the ground is so soggy due to snow and rain that water squishes around my boots when I walk to the barn and chicken coop.  The yard is like a marsh and the fields are a muddy mess.  The weather is so depressing that even the birds have stopped singing.  I miss the sun…. and, everything that’s associated with it.  I miss warm days that linger into the evening, the lovely hue of green pastures, and colorful blooms in the garden; however, as wonderful as all those things sound—to be truthful, besides a little sunshine, this farmgirl would settle for some dry soil.

It’s no secret that this time of year is challenging for some people.  There’s even a name for it:  Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.  Holly Golightly from the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s called it the “mean reds” and Winston Churchill referred to it as the “black dog.”  Some people may also just view it as the “winter blues.” But, whatever you want to call it, feeling anxious or gloomy, no matter what color, is NO fun!  I recently read that the winter holidays should come with a mental health warning.  I agree….Christmas can be a busy and stressful time.  I would also like to extend the warning to include the first two months of the year.  The cold, gray days of January and February just about wreck me.  Thank goodness there’s a holiday mid-February that provides chocolate and  flowers as a mood-lifter.  But, just when I thought February was almost over, I realized we’ve got an extra, freaking, winter day to endure—thanks a lot leap year!  Ughhh!

Although Christmastime and winter in general can bring on an onslaught of “mean reds, black dogs, and winter blues,” at least there’s the joy and delight of Christmas lights to lift the spirit.  Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking:  It’s the end of February, and you STILL have Christmas lights?  Actually, I just took down my Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago (before we rolled into another holiday). Technically, the tree was half taken down even earlier as I had to remove all of my beloved sheep and chicken ornaments.  I did this, because Clemmie Cat kept conducting raids:  crouching behind furniture, running past the tree at top speed, while ripping off delicate ornaments—mid-stride, as I shrieked, “Noooo.”  So, I was left with a bare but well-lit tree to cheer me.  But now, that’s gone, too; however, my outside lights will be aglow a bit longer….at least until the sun starts staying up past 6:30 in the evening. Besides Christmas lights and chocolate, the other mood-lifter I rely on is music.  I’ve joked a few times about dancing to music from an old radio in the barn while tending to farm chores, but music really transforms my mood.  I’m actually thinking of installing a disco ball in the sheep shed. 🙂

Here’s the thing:  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to keep up her spirits.  So, if I have to string Christmas lights from one end of Green Hill Farm to the other, keep the snack drawer well-stocked with chocolate, and “boogie down” to my favorite group–Earth, Wind, and Fire to make it to spring, then that’s what this farmgirl is going to do.  In the meantime, I’m counting down the days to sunshine, green pastures, birdsong, blooms…..and, of course, a little dry dirt. 😉




  1. Love your photographs and your writing. I teach first grade and one of our favorite books is Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type. If you’re not familiar with it, cows are wanting electric blankets. Your disco ball comment made me think of that very thing. Thanks for your writing.

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  2. That IS a lot of green grass! Round these parts, only the blind optimists think spring is here to stay, but our grass is not THAT green!
    I don’t struggle as much with the winter blues anymore. I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining.
    My bottom can’t resist wiggling to the music of Earth Wind & Fire — Music is a great way to raise our spirits!

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    • I’m happy the winter blues aren’t a thing for you. I seem to do better if there are a few days of sunshine mixed throughout the season. Last year it was constant gray. Winter is my least favorite season–everything looks barren and brown. I love being outdoors; however, the cold, windy weather on the farm drives me inside. I’m amazed what a difference a little green grass and some blue skies can make to my mood—so uplifting. Grateful for a little Earth, Wind, and Fire, too! 🙂

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      • I feel the same way when I open the curtains in the morning and the skies are bright blue ❤ It does a heart good!
        I sure hope your spring is on the sunny side!


  3. A day without sunshine is a very sad day for me-here in my part of Florida it is perfect winter weather, bright blue skies, low humidity, the glorious Ocean at my back door, my garden is plush, citrus abundant. As it is all I know and all that I love each and every day! I could NEVER tolerate cold, gray skies months on end, nor snow, rain, ice, etc. That’s why everyone lives in different climates. You’ll probably get some more snow but soon the birds will sing and all flowers will bloom Tonya-hang in. I dance year round! Ha-Ha!

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  4. I will gladly trade weather with you. I’d love to see some rain and squishy ground for a change. pet the kitty and have a cup of good tea. 🙂


  5. When I bemoan the weather, which depite risk of denting my halo, I have to confess I do when it is incessant mizzle and mist, my husband calmy and quietly reminds me that nature has a way of redressing her own balance. This year, so far seems to be a fine example of that and I for one am embracing it wholeheartedly! I’m glad the sun is shining your way, as it is (mainly) here in France …. though it must be said the skiers are a little miffed that the snow has been adversely effected by the lovely warm temperatures in those clear blue skies!

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    • I don’t think you could ever dent your halo, Osyth. 😊 But, I know what you’re saying. There is a balance, and everyone has their own perspective. If I were a skier, I would be disappointed as well. Thanks very much and enjoy the lovely weather in France. 🙂

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    • Thank you for your kind comment, Cherity. I’m happy you’re getting a break in the weather, too. Farm chores are just more enjoyable in warmer weather! I’m sure we’ll have some more cooler days, but you’re right. It won’t be long till we can transition to springtime!


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