A Summer Fling

SHHH! Last summer, I had a little fling. It was so good…I can’t stop thinking about it! Okay, okay. It’s not THAT kind of fling I’m talkin’ about—it’s dessert. A refreshing, sweet and tart treat that will remind you of a creamsicle. That’s why I decided to re-share this post on the most delicious dessert ever—so good, you’ll feel like it’s a sin. 😉

fourth generation farmgirl

I’d like to start with the fact that I don’t normally get emotionally involved or gush over dessert.  Yes.  I enjoy decadent treats in moderation: a piece of Victoria sponge or chocolate cake on occasion.  I don’t, however, just lose my mind over sweet things…….until last week.

It started out innocently enough.  My dad is a fine gardener and always has a bounty of vegetables to share with friends and family.  Every summer, he sends my in-laws squash, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, etc. from his garden; and, in an act of reciprocity, my mother-in-law bakes bread or makes a special treat for my parents.  About a week ago, after receiving an installment of vegetables from Dad, my mother-in-law sent my parents fresh berries with a homemade “cream” topping.  Bless her heart, she even sent some for us.

Of course, Farmguy and I had no inkling this wasn’t any normal berry and…

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  1. Confession time… I remember this post from last year and it had me drooling from the moment I started reading. Last week while sitting at the dinner table with y’all all I could think was I hope Tonya made that creamy, lemon custard she blogged about last summer!! I was so delighted when you brought that out for dessert 😀! Delicious!!

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