Tuesday Tunes


I’ve always loved Van Morrison’s music, especially their song, “Brown-Eyed Girl.”  Maybe it’s a favorite, because it reminds me of happy times and the wonderful, relaxed moments of summer.  And, being a brown-eyed girl myself, makes me fond of it, too. 😉  Enjoy your Tuesday!



“Do you remember when we used to sing

Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah

Just like that

Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah

La dee dah.”

~Van Morrison








  1. Great song! Brown-Eyed Girl is one of my favorites to listen to while driving with the windows / sunroof down 🙂 Perfect song for summer!! Also love the picture of the sheep looking down over the chicken. Its like the sheep is thinking, “Hey Chicken, do you have grain?”
    Have a great week!!

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  2. I have had a few men in my life attempt to sing this to me, Tonya. We brown eyed girls need to stick together! Just being silly because I have two great friends with blue eyes and blonde hair.
    I like any time you show the sweetheart dog of yours who is missed, maybe always there will be a hole in your heart or a space taken up by her.
    Your top border always impressed me, yet I am not sure I have said this. I love it! The lavender and green, fence and sky are gorgeous and hazy like a painting.

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    • We brown-eyed girls DO need to stick together! 😉
      Thanks, Robin. I miss Sadie and Maud and think of them often.
      I’m so glad you liked the top photo. It was taken by a friend, Doug Frassa. He is an excellent photographer. 😊


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