‘Fourth Generation Farmgirl’ Tonya Pops In For A Chat.

Judy, author of Edwina’s Episodes and one of my favorite blogs, is a splendid writer and a lovely person. She’s always pursuing ways to make her blog more interesting and entertaining. Last week, Judy e-mailed that she was involved in a writing course and invited me to participate in an interview assignment. I was thrilled that she considered my blog for her project! Judy asked terrific questions, and I had such a wonderful time collaborating with her on this fun assignment. I hope you’ll visit Judy’s fantastic blog, Edwina’s Episodes, and take a few minutes to check-out our efforts. Thanks! 🙂

Edwina's Episodes

Today I am so excited as I will be conducting my first ever blog interview. as part of the Writing 101 course. I will be chatting with the lovely Tonya, or Fourth Generation Farmgirl, as many of you know her, and am thrilled that she has agreed to take part.

Ever since I first came across this blog, I have been impressed with the genuine love for the animals, the farm and traditions that make up Tonya and husband Scott’s lives. Tonya is one of those people who seem to excel in whatever they put their mind to.

That is not to say she had her share of trials and tribulations, not least the almost rebuilding of her home, and losing her beloved chickens last year to a fox. She gets on with it though, picks herself up and keeps going. I admire her spirit and determination.

I am very…

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