The Weekly Bleat: Another View of Green Hill Farm

According to a notification from WordPress, it’s been one year since I became the voice of Fourth Generation Farmgirl— blogging mostly, but not entirely, about the happenings on Green Hill Farm—past and present.  I want to express my thanks to those of you who take time out of your busy days to read my posts.  I am deeply appreciative of your interest, enthusiasm, support, and encouragement.

Green Hill Farm is certainly part of my identity and most definitely occupies a significant part of my heart and soul.  It was a MAJOR undertaking to save this place (house, cottage, barn, outbuildings, etc.), but I was compelled to do it out of love—love of family and love of continuity.  The past decade was never easy; for various reasons, it was overwhelming and anxiety-laden along with too much heartbreak.  There were, of course, joyful moments, and those are what I focused on for a long time; however, about a year ago, I began wondering if I could continue to stay.  I was so unhappy, for reasons I cannot openly discuss, that I couldn’t see the beauty anymore because of the despair.  It seemed ironic to me:  I tried so hard, I accomplished so much, and yet, I felt defeated.

So, I started remembering—remembering WHY this endeavor was important to me:  I remembered my grandparents; I remembered caring for the sheep and chickens; I remembered my kitchen garden; I remembered the many animals I rescued; I remembered playing on the farm and spending time in this house as a child; and finally, I remembered my heart.  I started writing, and the reasons came pouring out of me.  I wrote and wrote, discovering writing’s cathartic nature; and, after some generous and supportive feedback from family and friends, I decided to start this blog.

Writing Fourth Generation Farmgirl has given a fresh perspective and revived my love and passion for Green Hill Farm, and I owe many thanks to you—my readers.  Through your eyes, I’ve seen my home anew and realize how fortunate I am to live in such a special place. Your interest, enthusiasm, and kindness have enabled me to redefine my journey here, and for that, I am grateful.  Thank you all for being a part of Green Hill Farm and my journey of faith, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude.


  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary Tonya! You’ve been an inspiration to me. You always look so happy even though we know you are always working so hard. I will continue to look forward to your posts!

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  2. What a beautiful post! Thank you for your openness and sharing the struggles you’ve been through. Most people think your life is wonderful just because you live on a farm and raise animals and grown your own food…But there’s so much hard work, disappointment, and pressure involved. It’s so wonderful to hear that you have chosen to focus on the good and you’re not dwelling on the negative. The photos are absolutely gorgeous – I also love the old black & whites. I so enjoy your blog! Thanks for persevering! 🙂 xoxo

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  3. T – first Congrats for sticking with it, we truly enjoy you and your posts. It is a legacy that lives on my friend! Keep posting we’ll keep visiting with you! I have 7 web sites, 5 children. hubby, large beachside home, if I can do it you can too! Your Florida Friend, Cheryl. XOXOXOXO

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  4. Your post really struck me, Tonya. I never once picked up on any self-doubt or negativity in your posts….I only ever find Tonya, that fourth-generation farm girl proud of who she is, her heritage, all she does to continue the traditions, and how much she could do to keep things going even adding a blog into what must already be an overpacked schedule. We were very lucky the day your blog came on board and I’m so happy you’ve decided to continue in things…..I do believe it’s people like you that make ALL the difference to a world…..both on here in the blogosphere and there at your family farm……

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    • Many thanks, Melody. That is very nice of you to say! It’s been a delight getting to know you as well. I love your beautiful posts on cuisine and travel. Oh, and most importantly, dinosaurs! 😉 Your blog is definitely one of my favorites. 😊


  5. That has to be some of the most difficult yet rewarding work out there. Congratulations on your one year anniversary but more importantly in following your passion and family history. You can’t turn away from that which envelops your heart. …:)

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  6. Such a beautiful piece. The pictures told the story of both your challenges (or at least a few obvious ones) and the reasons the property is important to you. The pictures of the folks who were probably your grandparents brought back memories of my own ancestors–the pictures in front of the cars looked quite familiar–Just exchange the faces! Kudos to you for your work and for your writing.

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