Friday Farm Favorites

I love days like this one.  After having coffee, Farmguy and I spent the morning taking care of farm chores:  cleaning out the barn, drenching the sheep (de-worming), trimming hooves, and feeding the chickens–Farmgirl bliss!

Happy Friday!


  1. It really does sound like a great morning.
    I still kinda want chickens…I tell you tho, some of those mornings in February, I resent taking the dog out and the kids to the bus stop, do I really wanna add chickens? Maybe it’s best that the city said I can’t have two little goats in my back 40. Maybe what I really want is a farmhouse and farmland, and a lot of farmhands 😉
    You make it look fantastic 🙂

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  2. It does look like also looks completely alien to me. I examined the photos and realized that I have never seen those animals with my own eyes…I did once have a chicken that I kept in my room when I was a kid. That didn’t last long….:)

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