The Weekly Bleat: Are Ewe Okay?

BAAAAH!! Just a little “hello” from my sweet woolly, Buttermilk. ❤️


Buttermilk is a lamb full of spunk and personality. He had a rather rough start in life. First, his mother died and left him an orphan and a bottle baby. Then, neighboring dogs attacked him. After surviving that terrifying experience, he endured an uneven shearing in order to medicate his puncture wounds. The day I met Buttermilk, he looked tiny and a bit ragged, but he was still full of curiosity and spirit.

In May 2019, this wonderful being joined Green Hill Farm. However, his challenges weren’t over quite yet. Buttermilk and his friend, Biscuit were both anemic due to being lambs and having an extra serious case of internal parasites. After months and months of treatment, he and Biscuit were finally healthy. But, just when Buttermilk thought all was well, he took a car ride to the veterinarian to be neutered, ending 2019 as a wether lamb.

I’m delighted to report that Buttermilk is happy, healthy, and well. He loves grazing in the pastures, climbing on the gates (and me), visiting with the chickens, racing me to the troughs for grain treats, and hanging out with his buddy, Biscuit.

Here’s the thing: Buttermilk wants EWE to know that just because a year starts off bumpy, it doesn’t mean that it won’t get better. There are always challenges and joys along the way; however, sunnier days and greener pastures are in the future. 🙂

Sending love and good wishes from Green Hill Farm! xoxo


  1. Buttermilk, I love your message. And you are right. This bit is bumpy and you know better than most that with time and patience and the care of good people you can get over the bumps (even having your bumps lopped off 😉). May I give your lovely head a strong caress and ruffle your fleece virtually, please? 🐑 💕 xoxo

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