Friday Farm Favorites: New Woollies

Biscuit–a sweet, new addition to Green Hill Farm


Sadly, we’ve had to say goodbye over the last two years to six of our original ten flock members: Violet, Fern, Rosebud, Daisy, Button, and Heather. While it’s been heartbreaking at times, I’m grateful for the opportunity to care for and love these sweet, new faces.

Buttermilk and Biscuit have had a difficult time. Both, bottle babies–meaning their mothers died, or either, wouldn’t nurse them. These lambs are very social and sweet. They love nibbling grain right from our hands and greet us with a little, high-pitched baaah whenever they see us.

Biscuit, the tiny, fluffy lamb is a slow-grower. He’s had difficulty shaking off the internal parasites lambs often have due to their young systems. Β He’s been dewormed a number of times, received two iron shots, and been given extra nutrients. We’re working really hard to get him healthy and well.

Buttermilk, is a bit older and bigger; however, he’s had his fair share of trouble as well. Two weeks before we adopted him, he was attacked by dogs and sustained multiple puncture wounds. The farmer had to shear much of Buttermilk’s wool to provide medical attention. I’m happy to report that he is healing well and on the mend. Plus, he’s getting cuter and fluffier by the day!


“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.”



“To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.”

~Oscar Wilde


Lambs from last spring (from left to right), Truffle, Sweetpea, and Butterbean…plus, Hamish.


Wishing ewe a wonderful weekend!


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