The Weekly Bleat: Speaking Through Art

As someone who has worked with children who have a diagnosis of autism, I was especially moved and inspired by Blake Henkel’s story.  Blake is a young man from High Point, North Carolina.  While he has limited communication due to an autism diagnosis, he expresses himself beautifully and powerfully through his artwork.  Not only does Blake Henkel enjoy painting, but he is also a prolific and successful artist.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen to his story, appreciate his lovely, vibrant art…and be inspired. 🙂

See Henkel’s story in this edition of Roy’s Folks.  The link is below.


  1. Tonya, I have shared this with my third daughter who works with Autistic and Learning Disability Adults and is also taking a Foundation Art Course prior to her degree in Illustration in Britain. My stepson also works with Autistic (young) adults in Massachusetts and I will draw it to his attention to. I would value a conversation with you some time about your work. There seem to be very different attitudes and methods either side of the Atlantic but it may only be Massachusetts (where Jacques is based) … anyway, this is incredible and I thank you for it.

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    • I’m so happy you shared Blake Henkel’s story. And, I would be glad to talk with you about my experiences working with children in special education. You are right. There are many philosophies and methods regarding best learning practices. Thank you, Osyth, and best wishes to your daughter and stepson in their careers. I hope they find their work as rewarding as I do. 🙂


      • My daughter says it is the best decision she ever made and hopes to become an art therapist, my stepson struggles more with what seems to be a very different approach. In truth I do not see his heart in supporting in the way hers is. We are all different 😊

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      • Her younger sister graduated in Fine Arts last summer and is considering Art Therapy also. …. who knows – I brought them up to know they can do anything they want to do so long as they are dedicated, hard-working and focused on their goals. The trick is to know that goals can alter and there is no shame in it. This is why after several years in Customer Service, my third daughter is embarking on a new degree. My stepson is still on his journey of finding that goal and there is no shame in that. We are, indeed all different. Thank you for your kind wishes – all shall be well as I continually (and probably tediously) remind them all!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this story and video with us, Tonya. What an amazing talent. I watch this and am reminded that God works in mysterious ways and through all kinds of people. Beautiful.

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