Beloved Friend

August 2005–April 8, 2016




Our howling, rollicking, wide-open girl,

your gentle, sweet nature enriched our world.

Your hound dog antics and wagging tail

created feelings of love and much laughter without fail.

Memories of your soulful eyes and slow-lick kiss

remind us of what we will surely miss.

It’s hard to let go of someone so true…

Sweet Maud, we will always love you.

by Tonya R. Hengerer



A heartfelt thank you to Peaks View Animal Hospital, including Dr. Les Mulligan, Dr. Shella Baker, and all of the staff.  But, a very special debt of gratitude to Dr. Al Henry.  Al is not only a wonderful veterinarian, but he is an exceptional human being.  He accepted phone calls and texts from us anytime we were worried about Maud; and, after seeing patients all day yesterday, he drove an hour to Green Hill Farm to help us say goodbye to Maud in the comfort and peace of her home.  Once again, many thanks to everyone at Peaks View Animal Hospital for their affection and kindness toward Maud during this challenging time.


  1. I am extremely sorry to hear about Maud’s passing, Tonya I hope you will have comfort in the knowledge that she has passed from this existence to another, she is no doubt providing joy to others on the other side. Blessings to you. Cher xo

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  2. Sometimes I get mad at myself for my emotions over the passing of dogs I never even knew, but sometimes they become so familiar and expected, I’ll miss them too. I’m so sorry it was Maud’s time to cross. I’m glad you had such a wonderful companion. I’ll miss her face here.

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  3. Tonya,
    I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved sweet Maud. I know it’s has been a hard and trying few weeks for you and farm guy but I hope you find comfort in knowing she is in a better place…. Howling away in a field of wildflowers.
    Thoughts and prayers to you both!!!

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  4. Beloved pets always will be family members. In this light, I am very saddened to hear of the passing of wonderful friend, companion and source of joy to your family: beloved Maud. My heart goes out to you all. I liked the montage of photos and it evoked many memories of my favorite long passed dogs, too. Take care, Tonya. ❤

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  5. I started to cry as soon as I saw the title of this. I’ve been there, over and over. I know how deeply you’re feeling this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Love to you and of course to Maud, who will always be with you.

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  6. Ahhhhh….. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Maud. These furry friends are such a huge part of our hearts and our lives and it is a true loss when we don’t have the pleasure of their company anymore. Big hugs!

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  7. Oh, Tonya, I have only just seen this. I am so very sorry that you lost your lovely Maud. I am glad that she went in peace at home surrounded by love. Sending you hugs at this very sad time xxx

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  8. My condolences Tonya!! I know what it is like to lose a dog. I lost my dobermann in 1988 and I still miss her dearly. Maud will be missed buy hey Maud and my dobie Gretchen are in doggie heaven having a blast!💕Garfield hugs….this is why I stick to inanimate Garfield….he will not leave be😊

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