Fall Favorites: Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

From cooler mornings to colorful foliage, it’s starting to look and feel like fall on Green Hill Farm. So, with signs of fall all around, I thought I’d re-share one of my very first posts. It’s about the many wonderful things we associate with this beautiful time of year, and a recipe that’s a family favorite. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Monday!!

fourth generation farmgirl


With the arrival of fall, my thoughts turn to cool, crisp mornings, fields full of pumpkins, the smell of a crackling fire and the taste of hot apple cider.  This time of year often causes us to reflect on happy times.   It’s always interesting to me how our senses ignite memories.  Memories that take us back to a single, meaningful experience.  The senses of smell and taste, in particular, tend to evoke the strongest memories for me.  The smells of freshly cut hay and buckets of Dad’s ripened tomatoes, or the taste of Mom’s homemade Thanksgiving dressing.  These smells and tastes take me right back to my childhood. It’s such a visceral experience.  I think that’s one reason we enjoy the seasonal routines of planting gardens, visiting a pumpkin patch or preparing and eating a holiday feast.  The sights, smells and tastes associated with these activities bring back a familiar…

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  1. I’m really only into pumpkin for pumpkin’s sake. Like pie and breads. Not with chocolate, or beer, or coffee or whatever else. That being said, I’m sure they’re delicious, especially for a lil spicy in them, I love flavors that contrast subtly.
    HOWEVER, I did make your grandmother’s tomato soup tonight and my family and I all agree, it’s the bestest! Thank you so much for sharing that gem of a recipe! Love, love, love it! Yummy! 😀

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