Just Another Day On Green Hill Farm

fourth generation farmgirl

On Green Hill Farm, we have a menagerie of sheep, chicken, cats, and dogs, and it’s my goal to make sure that everyone is healthy and happy.  That includes our injured hen, a Buff Orpington called Honey.  When she became lame, we started putting her outside everyday to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  In addition to our chicken, we also have a few cats.  A couple of years ago, we rescued two feral kittens that were born in our old barn–Finn and Olive.  Once they were more docile, we attempted an introduction with our house cat, a calico named Clementine–A.K.A. Diva Kitty.  And all I can say is…she wasn’t having it!  So, back to the barn for the newcomers.  Although Finn and Olive live in the barn, they’re actually inside cats; they’re both a bit nervous, and don’t really enjoy the noises and commotion of living outdoors.  When I…

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