Friday Farm Favorites: Finding Joy

“Find Joy In Each Day”

~Saint Philip Neri

We all have difficult days that are challenging.  However, when we strive to SEE the seemingly small things in our everyday worlds, we often appreciate that there is more joy than we realized.  For instance, the beautiful butterfly alight on my great-grandmother’s lilac shrub, the bunny rabbit that visits the courtyard garden almost every afternoon, the flowering cherry tree in the front yard, the sweetness of a lamb’s face, Maud and Dash eagerly waiting to greet company, my grandmother’s beloved purple irises in bloom, and a slumbering Clemmie Cat curled up on my lap.  These are just a few things that lift my spirits.

Wishing you a day FULL of small joys!


  1. It’s the small things that really matter. Also, being aware of the beautiful things in life we don’t control and too often take for granted.

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  2. Stunning photos Tonya!! This is the most wonder filled time of year isn’t? I love the photo of the pups eagerly looking over the fence and the photo of Maud the sheep is beautiful! Happy Spring 🙂

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    • Thank you for such a nice comment, Mel! It is definitely the most beautiful time of year here on Green Hill Farm. Maud and Dash always crack me up when they stand peeking over the gate with their tails wagging. Happy Spring to you, too. 🙂

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