Episode 101:Happiness is…..

I love this poem by my blogging friend, Judy. Judy is the talented author of the blog called “Edwina’s Episodes.” Hope you enjoy!

Edwina's Episodes

Some things that make me feel happy

I can name quite a few

The chill of a crisp autumn morning

A bowl of steaming  hot stew.

The stars that twinkle so brightly,

Going for a swim in the sea

Having a laugh with my family

Drinking a huge mug of tea!

The gorgeous scent of yellow roses

Snuggling up in my bed

Showing off a new hairstyle

Discussing a good book that I’ve read.

Getting a kiss from my daughter

A beautiful sunny, hot day

Soaking in a bath full of bubbles

Bidding for things on eBay!

Cuddling up with my husband

Writing posts for my blog

Hearing my favourite music

Getting welcomed home by the dog

All of these pleasures are simple

But each means the world to me

It’s true what the old proverb tells us

The best things in life are free!

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